MC Squared Incorporated was founded in 1996 and focuses on the creation of state-of-the-art technologies and content for several Fortune 1000 companies, including companies in the entertainment industry (i.e. film, broadcast, online gaming and other forms of online rich media content), music industry and automotive industry. MC2’s highly qualified personnel are experts in the fields of Internet application development, 3D modeling, motion capture production and engineering, animation, electronic hardware design, producing, directing, cinematography, web development/ programming, music production, game, video, and rich media development.

Management Team -  MC Squared Incorporated founding members are seasoned management executives, technologists and marketers who have an average of 25+ years of applicable experience, including successful startup and management of private and public entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Christopher Gentile, President / CEO - Details
  • Adam Nemitoff, Chief Technology Officer
    has 20 years of professional Multimedia Software Development experience.  At CCG MetaMedia Inc., Adam designed, and developed  a camera-based Virtual Reality system for the PC called "REALWare VR", deployed around the world for entertainment, educational and advertising purposes.   Nemitoff was the co-architect of Sorceron’s “Cauldron” modular-media authoring tool suite. As a consultant on a number of projects for various clients featuring advanced use of Multimedia technologies, Adam  led development of a camera-based Virtual Reality system called “BThereVR” featuring real-time markerless tracking of the human body.  Mr. Nemitoff has a B.S. in Computer Science, with an additional major in Cognitive Science, from Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Taylor Cherry, Chief Operating Officer - Details 
  • Gene Timmons, Chief Creative Officer - Details
  • Bud Gilson, Chief Marketing Officer - Details
  • Bob Rohinsky, EVP / Business Development - Details

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